e are committed to delivering the best possible TCM education and training. Our aim is to provide our graduates with all the knowledge and skills they require to be among the best in the profession, and we have a proven track-record in excellence.

We Provide:

  • A comprehensive curriculum that meets professional standards set in various jurisdictions in Canada and the United States. Read More...
  • An outstanding faculty that ensures a high standard of education. Read More...
  • Modularized programs that allow for part-time, full-time or intensive study.
  • Extensive hands-on and clinical training to provide the practical skills required for future success.
  • Flexible course schedules that allow students to take classes in the daytime, evenings, or on weekends.

Evidence of Excellence:

  • As of 2001, all graduates who have applied and sat for NCCAOM and CTCMA licensing exams have attained certification.
  • Graduates are highly regarded in the healthcare community and are meeting increasing demand from potential employers. Read More...
  • Many graduates have opened their own successful practices. Read More...


Comprehensive Curriculum
At TSTCM we believe that the new generation of TCM professionals should be trained with a comprehensive program that integrates modern technology with ancient remedies and oriental philosophies with western culture. Our students study in a stimulating classroom environment with active discussion and participation, while receiving constant support from knowledgeable and caring instructors.

Highly Qualified Instructors
Outstanding instructors are our biggest asset. They are high-caliber professionals with years of experience, fully-qualified in their assigned courses and in touch with the latest trends in various TCM fields. Read More...

Modularized Learning
Students learn in a step-by-step fashion. Our programs are divided into single subject modules that can be taken one at a time or in an intensive, more comprehensive manner. The diploma and certificate programs in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and tuina massage allow students to choose and concentrate on one modality at a time while working toward the completion of more comprehensive programs incrementally.

Emphasis on Hands-On Practice
TSTCM’s programs combine practical, hands-on training with classroom instruction and theory. Real-life case studies give students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practice and improve the skills they learn. At TSTCM students get a solid, broad-based TCM understanding along with all the applicable clinical skills required for a high level of professional competency.

Flexible Schedules
Our course schedules are designed to suit students' needs. Half-day classes or evening and weekend classes allow students to balance full-time or part-time work with studying and review. Our intensive programs concentrate courses into a shorter period of time to expedite entry into the profession.

Our proven teaching methods and commitment to high-quality training have helped our graduates become certified in regulated jurisdictions across the U.S. and Canada.

Growing Demand from Employers
Our graduates have cultivated a reputation for excellence in the health care profession. As a result, we are continually contacted by wellness and medical clinics that have come across or heard about our students and are actively trying to employ them. Read More...

Successful Graduate Clinics
Many of our graduates have opened their own successful practices. The high demand for their services allows some to book up to 30 patients a day, with appointments being made months ahead of time. Read More...