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Course Name: Stage III - Clinical Internship

Course Code: 8031 to 8035

Course Description: Classroom study and practical training are challenged and refined by treating real patients in clinical internship. Internship is not the beginning of the study at TSTCM, it is the culmination and a time when textbook cases become living, breathing human beings: human beings with both mental and physical needs, pains, discomfort, and concerns. It is a time for our interns to apply the compassion produced by an abundance of knowledge, confidence, and self-esteem developed in the classroom. Students are guided to develop and maintain the highest standards of professionalism and responsibility for patients until such standards become habits. The development of these positive character traits will ensure the acceptance of acupuncture and TCM in today's culture in North America. While closely supervised in the first few months of internship, interns are always expected to think by themselves and to present diagnoses and treatment plans for review and critique.

Activities of interns include collecting, summarizing, and analyzing the information, diagnosing a disease, differentiating syndromes, establishing treatment plan and performing acupuncture, tuina massage and other TCM techniques, prescribing and dispensing herbs. Interns are also involved with general clinical maintenance and management regarding patient care. With growing knowledge, improved skills and increased clinical experience, interns are expected to become more independent with reduced supervision for the general management of patient care.

Selected interns may participate in research and public promotion projects or events to raise the awareness and to educate the public regarding the health benefits of TCM, and to practice their communication, interpersonal and professional skills. Additionally, the TSTCM is often invited to participate wellness fairs, workshops and giving presentations. Interns, usually accompanied by a school representative, will have the opportunity for public services and promotional events such as the Total Health Show, Whole Life Expo, CNE and other Wellness Fairs. The clinical courses are registered in order and each course is 60 hours. Full time intern students usually take three to four courses a term.

Department: Clinical Training


Prerequisites: Clinical Assistance II.

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