TCM Regulation

TCM Regulation Timeline

Sept 8, 2010

Time to submit your feedback again regarding TCMA regulation
If you are interested in the consultation on the draft of regulations for the TCMA profession, please click here

June 26, 2008

Ontario Establishes New College of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Apr 2008

Transitional Council of the College of TCM Practitioners and Acupuncturists put into use its official website


August 31 2007

McGuinty Government Announces Registrar Of The College Of Traditional Chinese Medicine


May 2007

Calling for Applications to the Transitional Council
please visit or for details


December 2006

TCM becomes regulated in Ontario on Dec 20, 2006


November 2006

Bill 50 passed 3rd reading on Nov 23 2006.

The Ontario Legislative Assembly is scheduled for third reading of Bill 50 on November 23rd 2006.

Amended Bill 50 after second reading.

Background and resources of Bill 50.


October 2006

The Standing Committee on Social Policy holds hearing on Bill 50 on Oct 30 & 31 2006 in Toronto.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Bill Passes 2nd Reading

The Health Professions Regulatory Advisory Council is now posting submissions received commenting on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor Title referral.


September 2006

Ontario Government Closer to Regulating Traditional Chinese Medicine: Legislation Moves to Second Reading


July 2006

Educational Requirements for Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ontario to be Recommended to the Minister by HPRAC in September, 2006


January 2006

Minister's Referral Letter January 18, 2006-Traditional Chinese Medicine


December 2005

Ontario Introduces Legislation to Regulate Traditional Chinese Medicine

Bill 50 2005


July 2005

Ontario Closer To Regulating Traditional Chinese Medicine

Legislation to be introduced this fall according to Smitherman


March 2005

MPPs consulting stakeholders for TCM/Acupuncture legislation in Ontario


September 2004

Ontario's Plan to Regulate Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Boosts Career Interest Amongst Students

Update on Regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture (TCMA) in Ontario, Canada.


March 2003

Update on Regulation of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture in Ontario, Canada


October 2002

A call for the Minister of Health to regulate TCM/Acupuncture