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TCM Regulation

Ontario Government is Creating the New College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (CTCMAO)

Ontario Government has advertised positions and invited applications for members and registrar of the Transitional Council of CTCMAO between May 5 th and May 18 th and now is in the process of creating the new College.

Graduates, faculty and students of TSTCM are all excited about this new development of the profession and will work closely with the new college for the proper regulation of TCM profession by offering excellence education and high quality, effective and safe services.

Within TSTCM

TSTCM Triple Celebration

TSTCM had its TRIPLE CELEBRATION BANQUTE on March 18th 2007 to celebrate the passage of TCM Act in Ontario, the 12 th anniversary and the graduation of Dr. TCM (4220h), Practitioner of TCM (2880h), Acupuncture (2260h), and Herbal Medicine (2260h) classes. Many honourable guests have joined us and brought high-level memorable recognition and praises as well as congratulations to the significant achievements of Dr. Mary Wu and TSTCM. Click here to share this memorable moment with us.

TSTCM & Communities

TSTCM Students Volunteering for Syme 55+

On May 15th 2007, TSTCM participated the Health & Wellness Fair held in the Syme 55+ Centre. Syme 55+ is a non-for profit organization aiming to promote well-being for seniors over age of 55 in the community. TSTCM students have provided free Tuina Massage for more than 40 seniors during the event.

TSTCM Participated The Career And Job Information Fair at Central Etobicoke High School

Same day on May 15th 2007, TSTCM also involved in the above-named career fair at the Central Etobicoke High School which offers education for children with special needs. In addition to giving free treatments to interested students and faculties, TSTCM students also presented audience about the TCM education and the prospect of TCM career in Ontario.

What Comes next?

  1. TSTCM will participate Seniors Health Fair on Thursday, June 14, 2007 at York-Fairbanks Centre for Seniors.



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