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It is Not Too Late to Apply for September Enrolment

With the increased interest in high standard education and more qualified applicants, TSTCM has decided to offer two classes for both TCM theory and diagnosis and Acupuncture departments. While the spaces are quickly filled up, we are still accepting applications for the September enrolment. Applicants choose TSTCM because of the commitment of the school to excellent education and promotion of TCM for the health benefit of the general public with systematic and comprehensive course curriculum delivered by outstanding faculty, extensive clinical and practical training, and the passion, dedication and leadership of Dr. Mary Wu, the founder and president of TSTCM.

TSTCM's Excellent Reputation Attracts More Outstanding Students

Over 20 prospective students left TSTCM's monthly Open House on June 21, 2007 full of inspiration and encouragement. 12 years after its establishment in 1995, TSTCM has earned its reputation for excellence in professional education and services as well as active participation of professional regulation. We are experiencing an increasing interest from the public and become the first choice for those who look for the best TCM and acupuncture (TCMA) education in Ontario. The broad recognition from TCMA regulatory bodies, the general public, the profession, and students affirms TSTCM excellence in TCMA education. By proactively setting high educational standards, TSTCM is proud to be the leader in TCMA education and confident in its curriculum in meeting the future TCMA licensing requirements in Ontario.

July Open House on Thursday July 26 between 7pm to 9pm

You are invited to join Dr. Mary Wu at our July Open House to learn more about TCM and the profession. Dr. Wu will share her dreams with you and will help you to make your dreams come true in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She will spend the time with you and to answer your questions regarding a successful career.

Advanced Courses for Doctoral students, graduates and TCMA practitioners

In September 2007, TSTCM will offer two advanced courses for doctoral students, its graduates and qualified TCMA practitioners : Pain Management and Shang Han Lun. Whether you are a new TCM practitioners wanting to enrich your knowledge and understanding, or you are an experienced practitioner interested in continuing learning new concepts and sharpening your skills, these courses will provide you more advanced and specific knowledge, comprehension, and skills in the precise diagnosis and more effective treatments for pain, the most common suffers of human-being; and for damage by cold, the most common external contracted illness. Call 416-782-9682 for details. Knowledge of TCMA required.

TSTCM is hosting the 3 rd Clean Needle Technique (CNT) Workshop and Certification in September

In addition to its dedication to excellent education and services, as a leading educational institution, TSTCM has been hosting the CNT Workshop and Certification offered by the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ( www.ccaom.org ) since 2004 in order to ensure the safe and effective practice of acupuncture by its students, graduates and faculty. CNT is one of the examinations and requirements of acupuncture certification by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine ( www.nccaom.org ) recognized by over 40 states in USA. This course covers a broad range of safety issues related to the practice of acupuncture. Students will be certified for Clean Needle Technique from CCAOM up on the successful completion of the course.

TSTCM & Communities

TSTCM Contributes to the Communities

Over 50 seniors received free TCM tuina massage from TSTCM students at the Seniors Health Fair in York-Fairbanks Center located on 2213 Dufferin Street on June 14, 2007. All of seniors enjoyed the relaxation and rejuvenation effects of TCM tuina massage and energy work. This is another endeavor TSTCM takes to contribute to the community and to promote the benefits of TCM among hundreds of other community events including Tuina Marathon Fundraising at Markham Village, Pacific Mall and Yorkdale Mall for the Ontario Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Dr. Wu Presented How to Immediately Release Stress Using TCM at the Vital Life Forum

Dr. Wu was invited as a guest speaker at the Vital Life Forum and Show on July 14 th and 15 th , 2007 giving a speech on Immediate Release of Stress using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Her inspiring, interacting and clear presentation has helped all the audients in the understanding of the basic TCM concepts and mastering a few simple but applicable and effective remedies for stress management and for the promotion of health. A group of TSTCM participated the show and provided pulse and tongue diagnosis, tuina massage and acupuncture to the public.

TCM & Health

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Summer

(Acufinder Magazine) The season filled with abundant energy, long days and sunshine. This is the most yang time of year. Summer is about expansion, growth, activity and creativity.

Tips for Summer Health

To prevent summer ills and remain in harmony with the environment of summer, ancient Chinese physicians advised:

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7pm-9pm, Thursday
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Seminars (Free Admission) Presented by Dr. TCM Cadidates

7pm-8:30,Monday, July 30
TCM & Arthritis

7pm-8:30, Monday, Aug 13
TCM & Insomnia

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